Annual Report & Marketing Plan

About The Only Thing You Can’t Expect In Possibility City Is Nothing to Do.

Just look around and you’ll see that Louisville is an exceptional place infused with the spirit of possibility. In fact, we’ve dubbed ourselves “Possibility City.” You can discover one-of-a-kind museums, world-famous bourbon bars, top-flight cultural events and nationally recognized restaurants. Add to that unique architecture, beautiful historic neighborhoods, innumerable parks, family-friendly communities and entertainment districts. You’ll come to understand why Louisville is becoming increasingly attractive as not just a place to live and work, but a place people want to visit and play in.

Every day, the city, and the Convention Bureau, looks for smart, innovative ways to bring more visitors here to experience everything Louisville has to offer. We understand that more visitors mean more monies into the community which in turn raises the quality of life for those living here.

The Bureau is dedicated to bring more tourists, conventions and events to the city. By doing this, the city stays competitive with the other almost-as-extraordinary-as-Louisville destinations out there.

Annual Report and Marketing Plan