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Tourism Trends | Blog

The Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau has officially launched our summer advertising campaign enticing travelers to visit Louisville this summer season. The good news is gas prices remain the same as last year. Air travel is up one percent over last year and rail travel remains flat. Louisville has a wide variety of attractions that makes us appealing to a variety of traveling leisure audiences this summer season. Nationally, AAA is forecasting a flat summer travel season as compared to last summer. Those with higher discretionary income will likely increase their travel this summer, while those who haven't fully recovered from the recession will travel closer to home.

Another fabulous tourism attraction has opened today in Louisville. The Big Four Bridge (named after St. Louis, Cleveland, Chicago and Cincinnati) originally opened in 1895 as a train bridge and is now functioning as a pedestrian bridge that will be open 24 hours a day. The Big Four Bridge will become an instant hit with tourists and residents alike who will enjoy the one mile trek over the Ohio River. Bridges are viewed as a natural attraction and people naturally gravitate towards water. For years our waterfront has been an underutilized gem. Today that all changes. With the opening of the Big Four Bridge, people of all ages will have a great new venue to enjoy Louisville's beautiful waterfront park. A special thank you to the Waterfront Development Corporation for possessing the vision to convert this bridge from trains to pedestrians and to David Karem for his leadership in this project.